Created By Us Just For You

So, when you not exactly sure what you are looking for in a gift but you do know that it needs to be beautiful! Then worry no more !  Our Created By Us Just For You Range of Gift Boxes are exactly that!

Firstly, you can rest assured that your gift will arrive wrapped, ribboned and tagged! It will look amazing and smell lush! We will create something especially for you using a selection of our best selling items. Secondly, it will always include a Fizzing Bath Bomb, Fizzing Bath Marbles and a Seriously Scented Sparkling Candle. You will not be disappointed with your gift as we ensure care and attention is paid to co-ordinating colours and scents especially for you!

Additionally, your gift will be totally unique, therefore your lucky lady will have something no-one has got ! Just how special will she feel?

Simply select a Created By Us Just For You Gift Box and leave the rest to us! We know just what Ladies and Girls are looking for in a gift! We also now what is trending at that time and we always have the seasons in mind!  Our Christmas Boxes are filled with rich colours and seasonal scents whilst our Valentine Boxes are red and rosy!

Go on, give us a go !